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My story-Regaining my health

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

My Story In 2008 is when my health journey began. ​ After having my 1st and only son Chase via C-section, that is when my health spiraled downwards. It was a bittersweet moment in my life. I became severely dehydrated and developed pneumonia. My blood pressure was sky high. For months I was in and out of the hospital. Doctors could not seem to get my blood pressure under control. They put me on a 24-hour Magnesium drip to get my pressure down. Once they removed the drip, that is when my nightmare began. I could barely see with blurred vision, body aches all over, chest pains, the pupils of my eyes were red, I had the worst anxiety, panic attacks and debilitating weakness like I have never experienced before (so weak it was hard for me to raise my hands up to wash my hair in the shower). It was the scariest thing ever. I said to myself, "all I did was come to the hospital to have a baby,” I know I was not going to let the devil win and steal my health. So, it was time to take charge. I went down the list of specialists of every part of my body so we could find out what was wrong.. ​ After many blood tests taken, they still did not know what was making me so weak. I then said, it is time to take a more natural approach. I went to an Integrative Practice that used herbs, supplements and nutrition to rebuild my health. After many different unique tests, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Epstein Barr Syndrome, Chronic Sinusitis and Candida overgrowth. Basically my immune system was in the negative and we needed to build it back up. ​ I was a mess but at least I knew what was wrong with me and I was determined to get rid of it. The Practitioner put me on a plan to rebuild my immune system starting with eating whole foods and eliminating all processed foods. (No sugar, No gluten, No dairy). "If it did not rot or sprout, I did with out." I did lots of Juicing and drank plenty of water (distilled or Alkaline) and I was on a weekly Myers Cocktail IV treatment with added Glutathione to cleanse & detox the liver. We began to treat my gut issues (80% of the immune system is in our stomach). I began taking high doses of Probiotics , Digestive Enzymes and a natural antifungal herbal supplement to get rid of the Candida. ​ For my Adrenal fatigue, I started taking an Adrenal supplement along with high quality B vitamins, vitamin C and Magnesium. I took Coq10, 200 mgs daily for my Blood pressure. I was on a high-quality Omega 3s which is so good for your brain and nervous system that helped with my anxiety and panic attacks. I also started doing alternative and complementary therapies such as colonics, Infrared saunas, foot detoxes, chi machines, acupuncture & cupping. (you name it, I did it) I was gaining strength slowly but surely. ​ My big breakthrough was when the Practitioner sent me to see an ENT who was also an Integrative Physician. He started treating my chronic sinusitis. He said I needed to have a laser surgery to remove the polyps in my nasals. Once I had the surgery, I began a treatment plan by taking a high potent multivitamin (Intramax), rinsing my nasal passages daily with saline and with added CitriDrops and using a CitriDrop Nasal spray. ​ Finally, with all my prayers and staying consistent in my treatment plans, the debilitating weakness disappeared. This journey took a lot of time and persistence. Never giving up, no matter how long it took. This process taught me how not to take my health for granted. It truly humbled me and gave me a second chance at life. My faith grew stronger and I became more spiritual and learned that if you remove all the toxic foods from your body and feed yourself the whole foods that God has created for us, our bodies will do its job and heal.

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