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All the information on this website ( is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. This website does not offer medical advice and no claims of such are being made. Rather, this website and its owner strive to offer the latest in natural, holistic self-care advice for those seeking the same.


While you have reviewed information on this Website, or have purchased services, products or a plan from House of Holistic Wellness LLC, you are also personally responsible for your own results. House of Holistic Wellness LLC are not personally guaranteeing results. House of Holistic Wellness LLC give you tools, tips, and suggestions to educate you and support you in your journey. House of Holistic Wellness LLC do not in any way replace the advice of your doctor or medical team, nor do they encourage you to stop seeing your medical doctor or medical team.


House of Holistic Wellness LLC are here to offer support and guide you, but this is not medical advice. If you are under the care of a healthcare professional or currently use prescription medications, you should discuss any dietary changes or use of dietary supplements with your physician and should not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting your physician.

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