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Allergy/Sinus Health Support

Membership includes

  • 15% off on all supplements. Discount code will be included in welcome packet.

  • Access to Individual chat for 4 weeks.

  • A customized plan which includes No Gluten, No dairy & No Sugar.

  • Monitoring progress with (1) 45-minute Zoom sessions per week for 4 weeks.

  • Access to information to determine if Environmental Mold & Mycotoxins are the cause of allergies/sinusitis along with Education and treatment protocol.

  • Support and advice in eating whole, alkalizing organic non GMO foods & removing as many sources of toxicity as possible.

  • Referral to an Integrative ENT Practitioner who specializes in Mold if needed.

  • Education on different therapies such as Infrared sauna, Infrared mats & blankets, foot detox and colonics/enema treatments.

  • Education on supplements/herbs to begin the healing process.

  • Motivation to achieve and sustain good health.


Registration opens soon
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